Apple Event 20 April 2021 – Things You Need to Know

Apple Event 2022 Yes this is the event for which every year developers wait for new and exciting things which Apple Team gives. Also, this time like every year apple has not failed in giving promising features and the future of Apple products. They by not wasting our and their time they just came with the thing which they have added in their box. They explained each and every detail about new features.

Apple Event 2022

Apple started this event with a very beautiful surprise which was 7 different colours of iMac that Apple launched and they all were looking absolutely attractive in the video. I don’t know about your opinion but I really badly want to buy those coloured iMac with very boosted performance iMacs for myself. Apple highlighted its M1 Chip throughout the event with its benefits and advantage over the old technology. He described its too small size which makes it very easy to integrate into a thin iMac system.

The credit of Pictures: Apple Event Launched on Youtube.

Apple Event 2021

Apple Event 2022 – About iMac

Apple hit me with his new surprise of colours that is added to iMac. Man, it will be a history created. Outlook of iMac and colour combination of the aluminium body everything looks so PERFECT! I just loved the new colours and performance experience that apple shown blew out my mind. I am looking forward to booking it ASAP.

Apple Event 2021
7 DIfferent Colours of New iMac

Updates on iMac – Apple Event 2022

  • You will love the body and look of iMac at first glance.
  • Amazing colours with variety.
  • M1 Chip and very fast performance.
  • A good option for developers.
  • Camera Pixel quality is increased and also face detection is added so that when you do a video call it detects and set zoom level accordingly.

Apple Event 2022 – About iPad

iPad is Superstar and blockbuster of all updates. Apple focused on iPad Pro very well and share very influencing content so that users can get attracted to their benefits. iPad Pro is now will very best screen which is Liquid Retina XDR Display which is a very far better experience and brightness at next level. Now it has more than 10,000 LED’s used in a display which makes it very pixel prominent and brightness at peak level.

Apple Event 2021
iPad Pro

Updates on iPad Pro – Apple Event 2022

  • You will love the body and look of iPad Pro at first glance.
  • Amazing Liquid Retina XDR Display is very prominent.
  • Performance is increased very better so that Photoshop other heavy software can be used by developers easily
  • The camera is advanced and you can have a good quality of photos.
  • The front camera is there, you can now do a Face lock.
  • With accessories, you can connect a keyboard and type more comfortably on it

About iPhone

For iPhone has more new features that he will not reveal until its new model is out. He showed iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini with new colour Purple and showed that performance will be more increased with upcoming updates.

Apple Event 2021
Purple colour iPhone

About Accessories

Apple iPad Keyboard Apple show the Keyboard for iPad Pro shown in the below image which looks very useful and makes typing with the iPad pro very efficient and comfortable.
Apple Event 2021


  • Question: When you can order for new iMac / iPad Pro?

Answer: You can order your iMac from April 22 2021.

  • Question: When will delivery of iMac / iPad Pro will be started?

Answer: You will get iMac from the Second half of May 2021.

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