Application Loader: An Error Occurred Uploading to the App Store

Solutions for Error Occurred While Uploading to the App Store

Application Loader Error Uploading on AppStore

If you found ‘an error occurred uploading to the app store’ error in Application Loader than

SOLUTION 1: First thing you should try to do is rebuild your app again.Follow these steps

  1. Clean your project
  2. Archive project
  3. Export your ipa file wherever you want.
  4. Open Application loader and select newly created ipa file and upload it again.

SOLUTION 2: You can try to open the terminal and run these commands:

cd ~ . /filepath
mv .itmstransporter/ .old_itmstransporter/

Invoke the following file to let Transporter update itself.


then you have to wait till it updates.

SOLUTION 3: This is very common mistake that anyone can do check if you had used the same version and build number as a last submission. If you have used same version and build number than change that and try to upload it again.

SOLUTION 4: In some case, If you hadn’t agreed to the newest Developer Agreement. Just run Application Loader once, click on [Accept] to agree, then quit the Application Loader and the Upload to App Store should work fine.

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This should work like charm. if it still not works than you can try some other methods like:

  1. making a new provisioning profile
  2. using different or multiple versions of Application Loader
  3. changing proxy settings
  4. rebooting the Mac
  5. uploading at a different time of the day, etc.

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