Best Hot Swappable Keyboard For Gamers – 2022 Guide

What is the hot swappable keyboard?

Best Hot Swappable Keyboard: For gamers, the most important thing is their performance which a gamer can never compromise. If he knows by something he can improve his speed and skills can get better then surely he is going to take that thing.

Gamers love the latest tech being around them and they want everything to be the latest and upgraded even if it is just the keyboard. There are many types of keyboards available in the market like simple keyboards or some special keyboards for different purposes. But what is the hot swappable keyboard and why does anyone want to buy a hot swappable keyboard.

Now, what is this hot swappable means in this hot swappable keyboard that question arises in most of mind except those who already knew about it?

“Hot-swappable means hot swap of switches and that swapping not need of any kind of soldering which make it hot Right it’s cool”

Best Hot Swappable Keyboard

Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers

1. SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact – Best Hot Swappable Keyboards

This SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact is also popular among hot swappable keyboards. Among above all keyboards, this keyboard has also very touch comparison as it also holds all quality and features.

It gives a very impressive look as it has a click’s blue key and also gives a guarantee of 50 million keypresses it may change with time. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy is used in the keyboard which makes it long-lasting, stable. RGB Illumination with 16.8 million colors per key. This is a very huge level of customization of RGB backlighting per key.

Premium magnetic wrist makes you more comfortable and provides full arm support. It has wireless features which makes it very preferable.

2. Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Full Size (104 Key) – RGB LED Backlit

In the market, there are many options available in hot swappable keyboard but this keyboard which occupied the first rank in our list of top hot swappable keyboard is really deserved it. If we talk about this hot swappable keyboard in terms of quality and user reviews and looking then this keyboard deserves to be in the first position on the list.

It doesn’t require batteries, has a USB cable, weight is also fine about 953g and it has bulletin lights. Lights are the main key of this keyboard which makes it most preferable for users especially gamers and tech lovers. If you are a gaming freak or if you are a tech lover or tech warm then this is it this is what you can go for.

3. Keychron K6 Hot Swappable Wireless Bluetooth – Best Hot Swappable Keyboards

This is a very innovative and the best keyboard for those who want a wireless keyboard. Yes, this is it if you are looking for some best tech hot swappable with the wireless feature. It is space optimized so that if you are concerned about the space of the keyboard that it should be small then also it fits in your requirement.

Quality is very fine and user reviews are very nice about it user to love this hot swappable wireless K6 keyboard. This keyboard has RGB, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, Aluminium bezels. It is compatible with Mac and Windows OS both.

4. Tecware Phantom: Best Budget Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

It is also among the best hot swappable keyboards available on the market. It also same features like above keyboards RGB Backlighting, Outemu Switches, Fiber Glass PCB, Double shot keycaps, best performance, and long lasting. You can customize per-key RGB backlighting in this keyboard which is a custom backlighting theme of your own, its cool man it’s totally very cool. Replacing keys is very easy on these keyboards.

With such features available as RGB backlighting, Fiberglass PCB, Double shot keycaps, Outemu switches it is the best choice after the above two mentioned hot swappable keyboards for you. Somehow if you don’t want to go for the above two options then it is for you. You can choose it without any regret. Aluminum plating on top makes it look excellent. The software is very easy to use and instructions are explained very well.

5. Massdrop CTRL Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard is hot swappable with the best hot swap functionality of switches. Barebones come without preinstalled switches. The CTRL is compatible with Plate-mounted Cherry-style switches and stabilizers. It is constructed with a solid aluminum frame with a built-in switch plate. RGB backlighting is very customizable in this keyboard. You can make custom RGB color of any key or any custom wave of colors on the keyboard.

Keys in this keyboard are 87 with custom PCB. It has Dual USB-C Connectors. The weight of this keyboard is around 964g.

6. Redragon K579 – Best Hot Swappable Keyboard

This Reddragon K579 is very popular for its feature with this budget range. This is a very good choice if you have a low budget and you want the best in your low budget range then this hot swappable keyboard is best and worth buying in this budget range.

You can easily install and set up the software for that and it also has 5 programmable keys (G1 – G5) on the keyboard. It has multimedia dedicated controls that can make you play, pause, skip the music just from the keyboard very quickly.

Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers

7. YMDK GK61 – Best Hot Swappable Keyboard

This YMDK GK61 is the very best hot swappable low budget range. This keyboard has a type-C cable which is the latest and fast tech feature. It has both versions of wired and wireless. It is also low budget hot swappable keyboard but also what it deserves that’s why it in the list.

Yes, it is not as good as above mentioned hot swappable keyboards but it deserves to be in 7th position on this list. The case is made of plastic. Its PCB has RGB Backlighting pre-soldered under per switch. Overall it’s a good selection in case you don’t like the keyboard hot swappable.

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