Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard 2022 – Buying Guide

What does a low profile mechanic keyboard mean?

Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard: In a market as the latest technology and research are going and the virtual keyboard has come into knowledge know days with their projectile keyboard with virtual appearance. But still, low profile mechanic keyboard is there in the market which are fulfilling many individual needs.

A Low Profile Mechanic keyboard is a keyboard with lesser height and with mechanical keys and switches fitted in it. This low profile mechanic keyboard is more popular and favorite among gamers and fast typists.

Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard 2022

A low profile keyboard is also called a Sleek or SFF keyboard. They are called SFF or sleek keyboards due to their slim and small size.

As gamers, it is very important to maximize their performance and speed as much as possible. Keyboard and mouse selection is very important for gamers because different games have different thoughts and criteria about them. Many of them love low profile mechanical keyboards as they are the face and more responsive and comfortable and faster and it’s easier to type on.

Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

1. EagleTec KG061-BR Blue LED Backlit Low Profile Mechanical Gamers Keyboard

This Eagletec KG061-BR Blue LED Backlight Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is very cheap and budget-friendly. In this budget, it provides very good features as well as a quality keyboard.

It has a blue backlight which in white keyboard gives good look but it can be irritating when light is low or dim, then that blue backlight is coming to your eyes and can be irritating. But you can change the intensity of light as per your comfort level.

It comes with two variants, one with white color and another one with black color or Cherry brown color. This is a very good keyboard for this low budget and also very good non-slip keys are there which makes a good gaming experience for gamers. It is supported to almost all operating system available like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Limited MacOS Keyboard support.

2. HAVIT RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

This Havit brand is very good and well known for its low budget products in the market and this keyboard also comes under their brand. Looking for the best in low budget keyboard with low profile mechanical feature then this Havit keyboard deserves to be in 2 places of this list.

This Havit low profile mechanical keyboard is ultra-thin, and light in weight. Design is very compact which make it look very professional. Multiple RGB backlighting modes are there and it is compatible with almost all windows and macOS operating systems.

NOTE: Linux is not compatible with this keyboard.

3. Cooler Master SK650 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master is a brand that makes a low profile keyboard which is very good in quality and in terms of the long-lasting capability of these. It is a full-sized mechanical keyboard with CHERRY MX Low Profile Switches in Brushed Aluminium Design. It is the best choice in this range of budget and also best pick and deserve to be in this list and on this position too.

This keyboard is a very slim keyboard with all the signature Cooler Master features like On-the-Fry controls. It has a very attractive RGB backlighting. With this keyboard, you get a very slim model and also precision in keys placement and very good and faster performance for gamers like you. There are many customizations you can make for RGB Backlighting. Its response rate is 1ms/1000Hz.

4. CORSAIR K70 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair is a very popular brand in low profile mechanical keyboards. As CORSAIR this name directs that this keyboard is full of speed. This keyboard uses MX low profile Speed Switched. It is a very slim and very best designed keyboard and which will help you type faster and as you will be used to its speed and performance will be increasing more.

It also has music control keys like volume wheeling along with a mute button. You can control the intensity of the backlight with a key on the keyboard. People who are comfortable with laptop flat keyboard will be also comfortable with this CORSAIR low profile mechanical keyboard.

Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

5. Logitech G915 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

This Logitech G915 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard is very slick. Logitech is a very popular and well-known brand in wireless gaming gear products. If you are looking for a wireless low profile mechanical keyboard then this is it this is a very sleek and stylish keyboard with very good features. With sleek height and very comfortable with low mechanical switches.

Low profile mechanical switches offer the speed, accuracy, and performance of a mechanical switch at half the height. The best part is its charging capacity that it can hold up to a very long and very long-lasting battery. It can run for around 30 hours and even for game lovers you can play around 30 hours approx and your gaming will not be affected it wireless and charging things as it gives so much of long-lasting charging capabilities.

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