– AmericanExpress ConfirmCard

americanexpress/confirmcard – American express has a huge customer base and has a wide variety of cards to cover the public at large. In the United Kingdom, it almost covers a quarter of the total number of people using cards. These cards have got a major attraction due to 24*7 supply of uninterrupted services. – AmericanExpress ConfirmCard commonly known as AMEX provides great benefit … Read more

Apple Event 20 April 2021 – Things You Need to Know

Apple Event 2021

Apple Event 2022 Yes this is the event for which every year developers wait for new and exciting things which Apple Team gives. Also, this time like every year apple has not failed in giving promising features and the future of Apple products. They by not wasting our and their time they just came with the thing which they have added in their box. They … Read more

didupdatetolocation called multiple times – CLLocationManagerDelegate

Didupdatetolocation Called Multiple Times CLLocationManagerDelegate

Introduction to Issue In CLLocationManager, developer generally use this class to configure, start, and stop the Core Location services. In application to get current location for required app purpose. When this class get user location if location permission are enabled then it call didupdatetolocation delegate methods as location is change by any difference this delegate method calls. Solution 1: to didupdatetolocation called multiple times – … Read more Login

Biolife Citi Card Prepaid Account Login – In the recent days all the activities are encouraged only if they are convenient to the customers. So the Banking or Financial sector is also expected to be convenient so that the client can ensure that they need not have to waste their time for Financial transactions by physically going to the bank for all activities. Login So as we all … Read more