How to Show Selection Animation of Cell in UiTableViewCell?

Cell Selection UITableViewCell

INTRODUCTION Selection feature can be used for many reasons in mobile app like for showing user choice from many available choices in list or for expanding particular choice option or we can hide while tapping any particular cell from list. Like for example if you have a list of contacts in your UITableView then by selection feature you can put in delete or edit option … Read more

Malwarebytes Review { Should we choose Free or Paid }


Malwarebytes Review: Malwarebytes is one of the best anti-malware which is available in the market. It comes with lots of benefits and anyone can use it. This is one of the best things about Malwarebytes that you can download its 14 days free trial version. Malwarebytes is perfect software for finding and erasing the potentially unwanted programs. Malware is not a virus so that it … Read more

Minimum of two numbers Swift 5

Minimum of Two Number Swift

Minimum of two numbers Swift 5 will be explained here with its method. Minimum of two numbers means smallest value among given numbers. Calculating minimum number from two numbers is very basic thing which is commonly is used in programming so their are predefined methods for it. In swift also there is predefined method for calculating minimum of two numbers. How to Calculate Minimum of … Read more

Change UITextField’s bottom line color change on change of editing status?

Xcode UITextField bottom line color

INTRODUCTION UITextField is used for input entry field item and take input from user. In UITextField there is default property named placeholder which on start of editing in UITextFiled disappears and if it is leaved blank then it comes up showing again just like there are many animation you can perform while start of UITextField editing and in end of editing methods. UITextFields’s Bottom Line … Read more

Difference between nonatomic, atomic, strong, weak, retain?

Non Atomic, Strong, Weak, Retain

INTRODUCTION These are very important term in iOS app development and definition of these terms should be clarify for user. User should have a good idea about what these terms actually refer to and what is benefit of them and why to use them and where to use what. Definition of Atomic, Non-Atomic, Strong, Weak & Retain ATOMIC When user sets this property at the … Read more