How to do zoom in UIScrollView?

Zoom in UIScrollView

Introduction on Zoom in UIScrollView UIScrollView is class or we can say its a tool which is used to present UIView and other elements in its contentView. it does not bounded by size of device because its contentView size can be set as per our requirement and due to scrolling feature and zoom functionality. Items like UIView and many mora can be added in UIScrollView … Read more

Application Loader – “An error occurred uploading to the app store”

If you found an error occurred while uploading app to the app store to solve that error in Application loader try these following methods :- Application Loader Error Solution 1 First thing you should try to do is rebuild your app again.Follow these steps 1. Clean your project 2. Archive project 3. Export your ipa file wherever you want. 4. Open Application loader and select … Read more

How to avoid crash when something NULL / value comes in variable?

Avoid Crash when Null Value Comes

Introduction on NULL Value in Variables causes crashes API (Application Program Interface) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for developing mobile applications and other softwares. Basically, an API gives information how application components should communicate. And furter more, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. Calling API is for data accessing from server and it collects data from server as … Read more

How to check internet connection is ON in iOS Device?

Check Internet Connection iOS Device iPhone or iPad

Introduction – Purpose of Checking Internet Connection of iOS Device During Mobile App building before integrating any feature first we thought about its circumstance or crashes it will gonna face and one of common issue is internet connection, let us suppose if our feature or third party library function calling or any other class is called which needs internet connection mandatory then if in case … Read more

How can I make a UITextField move up when the keyboard appears?

UITextField Change Position Keyboard Appear And Disappear

Introduction On Keyboard appearing in Mobile App In iPhone or iPad, screen size limited but sometime our design of app becomes too large in comparison to their screen size, in those cases we use UIScrollView or UITableView or any other element as per our design requirements and make content scrollable or draggable thats how we consume small screen size to fit our design and yes … Read more

How to play video at centre mode in AVPlayer ?

Avplayer Play Video Centre Mode

Introduction – Play Video On AVPlayer Media playing now days is most common and important functionality that every iOS App developer should know. Playing any media asset can be done by many methods like AVPlayer or WKWebView or etc. While in this tutorial we are going to learn how to play video through AVPlayer class and how to set video on centre mode. Overview For Video … Read more

How to Make Pull to Refresh in UiTableView with Animations?

Pull To Refresh UITableView

Pull to Refresh in UiTableView with Animations: In UITableView we show cells linearly and can reload whole table view by calling one reload function of UITableView anywhere in your code as per you want on any button action or on any progress of method or in middle of any task. As you have seen in many apps that by pulling UITableView as can see reloading of … Read more

How to Resize UITableViewCell by Size of a UITextView Inside it?

Resize of UITableViewCell according to size of UITableView in it

UITableView and UITextView For learning how to manage UITableViewCell Height according to size of UITextView’s text first you have the basic idea about what UITextView and UITableViewCell. UITableView: UITextView supports the display of text using and also supports text editing. You typically use a text view to display multiple lines of text, such as when displaying the body of a large text document. For more … Read more

Application Loader: An Error Occurred Uploading to the App Store

Application Loader Error Uploading on AppStore

Solutions for Error Occurred While Uploading to the App Store If you found ‘an error occurred uploading to the app store’ error in Application Loader than SOLUTION 1: First thing you should try to do is rebuild your app again.Follow these steps Clean your project Archive project Export your ipa file wherever you want. Open Application loader and select newly created ipa file and upload … Read more