Why won’t my iPhone charge after the battery drained completely?

Quick Introduction – iPhone not charging after the battery drained completely I would suggest first to try another charger! Than by what you say, “It had been taking a really long time to charge lately, but once it’s charged, the battery seems to hold it just fine.”, the battery seems not to be responsible for this situation! I would suggest to take it at a … Read more

Detect when application is launched with Push Notification

INTRODUCTION In today’s fast moving world nobody wants to check single things by themselves now they expect things will come to them not they have to do something to get that so notification is the way which fulfils this requirement in our daily life either that is important news or messages or any alerts or any specific events or any reminder notification do this all … Read more

Xcode – “Linker command failed with exit code 1 after installing CocoaPods”

Introduction Xcode is IDE for iOS Development developed by apple. It has two language one is Objective-C and other one is Swift. Xcode developer mostly hit by this problem that is “Linker command failed with exit code 1 after installing CocoaPods” it can be occur due to many reasons we will discuss about some of these issues and hope that you will find a way … Read more

Cocoapods Error – “You need at least git version 1.8.5 to use CocoaPods”

Introduction Cocoapods Cocoapods are best dependency manager tool that is used in iOS App Development. Languages swift and objective-c are user for iOS App Development. Cocoapods Error Solution 1 Follow this :Xcode Preferences -> Locations -> Selected the Command Lin Tools: select Xcode 8.3 or run this command sudo xcode-select –switch /Applications/Xcode.app Or Cocoapods Error Solution 2 You can try this also if above method … Read more

Application Loader – “An error occurred uploading to the app store”

If you found an error occurred while uploading app to the app store to solve that error in Application loader try these following methods :- Application Loader Error Solution 1 First thing you should try to do is rebuild your app again.Follow these steps 1. Clean your project 2. Archive project 3. Export your ipa file wherever you want. 4. Open Application loader and select … Read more