How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac – Shortcut or Terminal

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac: Finding things on a mac is a bit different in comparison to Windows Operating System. Windows is not that complex in terms of finding things. Finding Minecraft on windows is very known and easy to do but that same thing on the mac is a bit complex. How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac On mac for finding … Read more

Snipping Tool for Mac Free Download – Take Screenshot on Mac


Snipping Tool for Mac Free Download: Snipping is a screen-capture application for Mac OS that captures the active windows or custom area. As the screenshots have become a great necessity especially when it comes to making tutorials, game records, troubleshooting etc. You can take the Screenshot on Windows by pressing the “PrtScn” button. When it comes to Mac it’s the common query of the people … Read more

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Microsoft Office for Mac Free Download Full Version

Microsoft Office For MAC

Microsoft Office for Mac Free Download: Get the functionality of Office as well as the unique Mac features in Office for Mac. You will get the Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, you can create the excellent documents and get more done. The latest release of Office for Mac includes a large number of highly requested features, new additions and bug fixes for the Word, Excel, … Read more

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Task Manager for Mac – How to Open the Task Manager on Mac


Task Manager for Mac: Most of the user’s of Mac are not the user that who are using mac as their first OS. Mostly of people come from Windows OS and on windows Task manager is life saviour. People who have used windows too much then they know what is the importance of Task Manager. Task Manager is application which show how much application are … Read more

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Apple Event 20 April 2021 – Things You Need to Know

Apple Event 2021

Apple Event 2022 Yes this is the event for which every year developers wait for new and exciting things which Apple Team gives. Also, this time like every year apple has not failed in giving promising features and the future of Apple products. They by not wasting our and their time they just came with the thing which they have added in their box. They … Read more