Firefox for Mac Download for Free [ Updated Latest Version ]

Firefox for Mac Download for Free: Mozilla Firefox web browser offers a large number of features and reasonable security. It consumes fewer computer resources as compared to the other browsers. It works fast and comfortable even on the slower machines.

Firefox is a free, platform for Windows, Mac and Linux platform developed by Mozilla Corp together with many contributors. It includes most of the features with which users of other browser are familiar. Mozilla is the world’s third most widely used web browser, it is the fastest web browser.

Firefox is an open source non-profit organization, built by its users and available for everyone. This browser is not designed to make a profit but for the programmers who thought that they could do better than its predecessors, Google and Microsoft.


Firefox has an extremely active community of contributors which are regularly working on building an extension and improving user’s experience. The people are volunteering their time without any attempt at making money using advertisement or paid products.

This community is a great asset to Firefox, which is often making improvements and add-ons before the competitors. So that you can get an amazing adaptable browser with updated all the time, the huge potential for a completely open platform.

Firefox for Mac Download for Free

Fastest and Safest

Mozilla is the fastest and safest available browser. The programs and files download at the fastest speed and you will get the download table so you can delete or move them.


Advanced Security Measures

Firefox has advanced security features that guard against the spyware and virus. It contains the powerful pop-up blocker and strong authentication protocols that stop the attackers from running unauthorized code while browsing.


Mozilla Firefox has the multi-tab feature which allows you multitasking. It allows private browsing which allows a user to surf the internet without recording the history or cookies. It is the safe, fast web page downloads and also gives the security against the phishing attacks and malware.

Easy Customization

You can do easy customization with the support for browser extensions, plugin and themes. It helps you in fundamentally alteration and appearance of the browser to best suit your needs.



Secure and Privacy Mode

Mozilla offers secure and private mode and downloading. It contains inbuilt navigation, minimal interface. It also offers a great help and support through Firefox tutorial.

Tabbed Browsing

It allows you to open a large number of pages in a single window. Simply it is helpful in your browsing, it contains the embedded memory which means that in case your computer is turned off by mistake. It will take to the internet pages which you had opened and get back for you.

Firefox Add-ons Library

There are more than 6000 extensions and more than 500 themes. The extensions are capable of performing everything from providing access to your Facebook wall from the Firefox toolbar keeps your tabs on your Gmail and alter you of breaking news to altering website elements with their scripts.



How to Install Firefox on Mac

  1. Visit the link given below it will take you on the platform and language on your computer and suggest the best version of Firefox for you.
  2. Click the Free download button to download the Firefox.
  3. As the download finishes, the file Firefox.dmg opens itself and pop open a Finder window containing the Firefox application.
  4. Drag the Firefox Icon on the top of the application to copy it.
  5. After dragging Firefox to the Applications folder, hold down the control key while clicking on the windows and select the option Eject Firefox from the menu.
  6. Add the Firefox to your documents for easy access. Open the Application folder and drag Firefox to the dock.



Final Point – Firefox for Mac

Install Firefox for Mac to get the special options that enhance the users browsing experience. It also offers a reliable antivirus and malware protection, secure browsing, spell check, smart location bar, sticky notes, single click website information and much more. You will get a session- continuation feature which allows you to continue where you left and when you closed the browser. Firefox for Mac

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