How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac – Shortcut or Terminal

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac: Finding things on a mac is a bit different in
comparison to Windows Operating System. Windows is not that complex in terms of finding
things. Finding Minecraft on windows is very known and easy to do but that same thing on
the mac is a bit complex.

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac

On mac for finding Minecraft, you need to unhide the hidden folders because MacOS hides
all the folders that regular PC users probably won’t be used including Minecraft world
folders as per MacOS policies.

That is what this tutorial is for to show exactly how to locate and unhide Minecraft folders on
the Mac.

About Minecraft Folder:

Minecraft is a sandbox video game which is highly popular in this era where people with
distance can have same fun of playing a game with each other. Minecraft game was developed
in a java programming language by Markus Notch Persson. It is the best-selling video game of
all time and also currently there are millions of active users.

Steps to find the Minecraft folder on Mac:

  • Open the terminal:

If you are a macOS user for a long time and aware of all shortcuts then opening
a terminal is not a big deal for you, you can skip this description and open a terminal in your
friendly way. But if you are not a macOS user then you can open Terminal by clicking Space
key + Window key and then type terminal in the search box that appeared on the screen. Another way is to open the application folder and then find thermal in that folder and open it by double click on it.

  • Execute the Unhide Command:

As the Minecraft folder on macOS will be hidden so you need to make a hidden folder as
shown so you can see the Minecraft folder. Minecraft folder remains because in MacOS all system-related files are kept hidden, For unhiding it you need to enter Space key and Dot(.) Key
together and then you will be able to see all hidden files on mac.

  • Locate the Minecraft Folders:

On the terminal that you have open in the first step type below command
Type ~/Library/Application Support/
Minecraft and hit ↵ Enter.

  • Rehide the Hidden Folders:

Again you need to hide your default system files because in many programs or cases
you don’t need to access those files or making any change to them can interrupt functionality
or corrupt MacOS also sometimes. For unhiding, you need to press some keys, enter Space
key, and Dot(.) Key together and all systems files with Minecraft folder will back to hidden.

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According to all information, we understand the find method of Minecraft folders on MAC.

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