How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007?

We will go through the fixing procedure of gmail server error 007. Before that lets discuss some basic things like 007 is predefined server error code of gmail. Gmail has maintained it error throwing mechanism which throws error as per type of issue it is facing.

How gmail server error 007 occurs?

Generally, we know that gmail is very user friendly and easy to use and very stable and usually we don’t face easily issues on gmail but that doesn’t mean it is error free. Gmail is also can also face issues and error like 007 server error 007. In this error of server which is a specific code i.e. 007 occurs due to result of some background lab feature of gmail.

What happens when gmail server error 007 occurs in system?

When server error 007 occurs, users find their accounts frozen. User is unable to click on anything or to refresh their email page so that they can proceed to their work on gmail. They can’t send or read unopened emails either. The only appropriate solution they can think of is closing gmail and opening it again. So let get back to “How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007?”.

How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007?

User’s on first point they think of one solution that if closing gmail and opening it again or sometime if it doesn’t get workout than they also closes browser and opens it again. But to fix gmail server error 007 there are also many other way to do it in better way. Some methods are mentioned as below :

1. Scan your PC or laptop with Anti-virus :
If you have installed anti-virus in your computer than scan whole system and see there may be any virus causing this off behaviour.

2. Check for update : In your browser settings option, there will be an option which will check for update. By clicking on that option, if there will be any update will be available than it will download and replace existing version without removing your cache and saved data and passwords and history.

3. Clear cache and cookies from your browser : To best of all solutions it is very common solution for all issues. Most of issues are caused due to improper handling of cache by websites. So clearing cache makes issue gone if it caused due to it. Cache and cookies can be cleared through below steps and these steps can vary depend upon which browser you are using if you are using google chrome than follow below steps:
1. Go to Google Chrome’s menu (by pressing the three dots on the top right corner) and click on Settings.
2. Scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings.
3. Under the Privacy tab, click on Content Settings.
4. Under Cookies click on All cookies and site data.
5. Press Remove All and click Done.

4. Disable Background Lab : As i have told you in above lines that this server error 007 in gmail is caused due to background lab and disabling can stop it to occur.
To stop background lab follow below steps :
1. Firstly, Open gmail and Sign into your Gmail account
2. Click on the gear(setting) icon in the top right corner of your Gmail page
3. Click on “settings” button and look for the LAB tab
4. In final step, search for “Background send” and disable it.

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