Want to Learn iOS? Learn iOS App Development – Quickstart Guide

Learn iOS App Development: iOS is operating system for iPhone and iPad. Mobile app development is now going into wide range of diversification nowadays as many new technology and things are happening in this field most of fresher and beginners get confused to start from where and what structure should they follow to lead to be successful developer in their field. iOS operating system in itself is a big challenge after that there are to many questions for beginners and there are many option that create too much confusion. To learn iOS currently there is no need that you should have mac for this. There are two many other options and ways that you can became iOS App developer without having a mac. Learn iOS App Development by reading this post and get a brief idea about iOS app development and languages needed to learn this.

Want to Learn iOS? – Learn iOS App Development

Learn iOS App Development

Question that arises when you start learning iOS App Development

First Question: Native iOS app development and Hybrid app Development ? What to choose between these two options?

Before going on this discussion let me explain what is hybrid and native app development. They both are the environment which are developed for mobile app development purpose but in case hybrid it develop app for both platform that is iOS and android and even for windows in some cases but in case of native, that Integrated development environment developed by its own company i.e., apple itself developed its environment for purpose of iOS app development. Before you select one option you need to know your own requirement that what type of goal you have and what reason are there to develop you app:-

Reason for choosing Native app development

-> Long term support of app -> Better UI/UX experience

-> Good performance

-> Complex to develop

-> Will have a large number of library support for development

-> Costly to develop as it takes more time to develop

Reason for choosing Hybrid app development

-> No guarantee of support

-> No guarantee app store approval for going live as apple does not allow only webview experience in app

-> Good UI/UX experience

->Better performance

-> Simple than native

-> Cheaper that native as app created for both platform simultaneously Here we are going to know how to make start for native iOS app Development as in both case you have some native knowledge because after hybrid you have to add some code as native to develop your app as fully functional.

Steps to learn iOS App Development and become a iOS Developer

Step 1 :

Before going to start any technical or hard part you can start yourself with some rules and guidelines provide by apple where you can find and know about what your app should at-least contain or what app should not have things. See rules guidelines provided by apple here :- https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/

Step 2 :

Now you can start with layouts and designs of iPhone and iPad that contains important and just reading part but you have to go through it so that you have idea that what you are doing further. you can know this here provided by apple :- https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/ios/visual-design/adaptivity-and-layout/

Step 3:

After spending 1-2 weeks on reading this general information you can jump into how to create projects in Xcode and create blank projects and create files in project.

Step 4 :

Now you can start learning language which has now two options :-
1. Swift Language (Latest 4 version)
2. Objective – C

Learn iOS App Development Objective-c Swift 4.0

Step 5:

In my opinion you should go with swift, apple enforcing swift slowly and any time it can deprecate objective c.

Step 6 :

After that you can learn how integrate third party libraries onto your project and there are two ways to do that either you can add source folder of library to your project or you can integrate cocoapods. I will highly recommend to go with cocoapods because they are easy to integrate and even more easy to update and they are separate from source files so Xcode easily maintains them.

Step 7 :

After having these things learn now you have gained a good confidence to develop app in ios that is also necessary part.

Step 8 :

Learn how to create developer account on app store connect.

Step 9:

learn how to deploy app on app store. As you deploy 2-4 apps on Appstore you will might face some errors and you actually learn to pass those hurdles.

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