Malwarebytes Alternative for Mac 2022 – Why Choose Alternative?

Malwarebytes Alternative for Mac – Mac OS is one of the most secure operating systems available. But today’s threats are not after your computer they are after your personal information and money. So an anti-malware is needed for an hour.

Are you fighting the issue that your Mac is running slow? It is due to malware, as the malware slows down the performance of your Mac or steals your important information. Annoying adware or malware can create a problem in your Mac’s performance.


Malwarebytes Alternative for Mac 2022 – Why Choose Alternative?

Enter Malwarebytes and Anti-malware to keep your Mac safe from Malware. It is a portable tool that can detect and remove Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, etc.

Best Malwarebytes Alternative for Mac

Malwarebytes have different alternatives, in this article we are going to mention some best alternatives.

A. ClamXav

Keeps your Mac or selected files and folders saved against malware and virus. It helps to keep your Mac running smoothly. The clear instructions of this program make it easy to keep your data safe.

Features of ClamXav

  • A small amount of time

ClamXAV takes the charge of your Mac’s security and keeps all the threats away. It can scan a specific file or the entire hard drive of your Mac. Set it to scan automatically, run instant checks on suspicious files. It’s up to you which option you like!

  • Light on processing

It is light on processing and heavy on malware. You won’t even feel that ClamXav is running in the background. But the threats and virus definition of your Mac is constantly updated.

  • Peace of mind

No matter you are at home or at work, ClamXav provides effective malware protection on an individual Mac or an entire network. The buyers of large volumes can get a large number of discounts.

Pros and Cons of ClamXav


  • Simple interface

The main interface of the ClamXav is split into three parts. See the list of items to scan items on the left, results of the scan on the top right and status at the bottom right. The buttons in the app’s main toolbar help you to quickly perform primary functions.

  • Fixing option

Once you get the scan results, you have various alternates to deal with potential issues. You can choose to show the path of the file, search the file through the finder, or just remove it. It depends on what it is and why it was flagged.


  • Tough for the novices

The beginners may experience difficulty in using this program, as it doesn’t guide the user through the scanning and deleting process.

ClamXav for Mac is the tool to keep your Mac clean. It is a good choice for most mac users.

B. Avast Mac Security

Avast keeps the Mac free of malware using traditional signature-based detection. It allows on-demand and scheduled scans.

Features of Avast Mac Security

  • Mobile Protection

SecureLine VPN for your Apple devices and protects your device when using public Wi-Fi connections.

  • Regular updates

A continuous stream of updates always keeps your protection current.

Pros and Cons of Avast Mac Security


  • Easy to use

It is very easy to use setting down to a basic interface with only five primary buttons.

  • Easy to install

Avast Mac Security is very easy to install and with a small amount of time.

  • Protection

Avast can scan your system for existing problems and can also be configured to protect against the new threats. It helps to scan the external drives and volumes to ensure that you are completely protected from infected data.

  • Free

You can download it for free.


  • Slow scanning
  • While doing a complete system scan, takes a considerable amount of time.
  • Progress Bar is not accurate

It is impossible to know how much time was remaining in the system scan.
Avast Mac is good for protection, easy to use, and has all the features which are required in an Anti-malware


C. MacScan

MacScan detects, removes spyware applications like keystroke loggers and Trojans horses to protect your Mac. It cleans Internet files, history and cookies.

Features of MacScan

  • Cleans up

It destroys the privacy threats like blacklisted tracking cookies, free up valuable hard disk space by locating and removing unnecessary files. These files are left behind by web browsers.

  • Smart Scan

It scans for malware and spyware found in specific locations known to contain security and privacy threats.

  • Easy to use and understand

It has an easy interface that provides complete control over malware scans. Here you can drag and drop scanning, customize cookie blacklist, logs of previous scan results and activity, etc.

Pros and Cons of MacScan


  • Scans

You can schedule the scans. It clears the tracking cookies as your close your web browser.

  • Find the Malware

It helps you to find the Malware and remove them.


  • Time consuming

It takes some time to finish the scan.

We hope that this article will help to choose your anti-malware as per your requirement. You can compare the features, pros, and cons of alternatives of Malwarebytes.

You can download the trial version of every software to see its performance. After using the trial version you can go for the paid version of it. It saves your time and money. Choose your anti-malware wisely!

Malwarebytes Alternative for Mac

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