MercuryCards – Login, Benefits, Bill Pay and Customer Service

MercuryCards Are you the one who wants to go paperless for their financial transactions but the fees for online services bothers you? Then here is a solution to your problem. Mercury credit card is an all in one card giving services without impacting your pocket. Mercury cards allows you for all card payments, bill payments, etc. Mercury card has a-lot of benefits for its customers.


Mercury cards is a mastercard. As per the research though Mercury cards may not be the best amongst those available in the market but it is so easy on the pocket that attracts the customers. So are you the one looking forward to have one of these cards? Then this article will help you on how to activate your card? How to register your account? How to login and avail the online service? So if you are the one interested please read the article till the end.


Benefits of MercuryCards

  • Mercury mastercards are cards which charges no annual fees. As there is no annual fees these cards are very easy on the pocket. These cards does not even charge any additional charges, all you need to maintain is some required transactions.
  • These cards along with less or almost minimal charge also are globally acceptable. For the ones who keeps on traveling these mercury cards are very easy to use and are internationally accepted.
  • There is lot of risk of account getting hacked as the systems are going online. But not to worry as these cards are fraud protected. You can instantly get control over any such transaction through the app or through customer care executive.
  • Mercury cards are very user friendly and can be used for bill payments all around the world. Can be used to pay hotel bills, book flight tickets etc.
  • You can keep check on your FICO score through the use of Mercury card mobile app. As FICO scores are globally acceptable these is an additional benefit i.e. to get your current credit score.
  • Mercury card users can keep track of their transaction as you can easily access your credit card and details through the app. You can keep track of your history and thus enable you to help you know your past details as well.


How to apply for a MercuryCards?

Only requirement for application of a Mercury Cards is an invitation from the existing user. Once you have an invitation the process to apply for card is very easy. Follow the below steps to apply :

  • Visit the official website of Mercury card.
  • When you visit on your interface you see 3 options of which you have to select the option ‘Respond to mail offer’.
  • On the next step you will see a notification saying Already got the invitation? There you need to enter your invitation code.
  • The website then verifies your information with the one on its database and if correct you will be given an application form.
  • Fill up all the relevant information required about your personal and financial detail.
  • Once done with this step, click on ‘Apply’ button.

Wasn’t the process for application very easy? Once done with this process you need to keep your patience for upto 5-6 working days. If your application is accepted, you will receive a mail about the further details and card.

How to register for MercuryCards

The process for registration is also as simple as the process of application. This step will help you to have access to online services. Follow the below steps to register :

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the Register button on your interface.
  • Then enter your card number, last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) and your date of birth.
  • When you will enter next page you will have to fill some other personal details.
  • Once you fill up all the information and are sure about it then click on submit button to complete the process.

How to login for MercuryCards online?

  • Go to the official website
  • Now you need to enter your username and password you got while registration.
  • And then click on login button.

In case lost your card then there is no need to panic, just you have to file an online complaint and you will receive a seven digit lost reservation code, just show this code and you can recover your details.

Bill payments through MercuryCards

Bill payments can be done in 3 ways through Mercury cards which are as follows :

  • Mercury cards Payment online service.
  • Payment by mail through Mercury cards.
  • Payment by phone.


Hope this article was helpful to get accurate information about Mercury cards and resolves your doubts about registration and login.

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