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In the era of online transactions being the major part of life cards for payments is the basic necessities. For keeping up the financial transactions papers-less cards play a major role. Many cards are issued by different companies and financial institutions. There are multiple private companies that are involved in the business of selling gift cards online as well as offline. All cards have some common features like accessible anywhere anytime. One such cards are the my vanilla cards. If you are short of knowledge on how you can get your card and about the activation process then this article is definitely a solution for your questions. In this article we will learn about how you can activate your card, how you can register yourself and enjoy the services provided and also about the benefits of such gift cards.

My vanilla cards are issued by the vanilla company in partnership with the Meta Bank and Bank Corp. As the mentioned organisation have a respected goodwill in the market the higher is the reliability of services provided by the company to the cardholders. My Vanilla card can either be a Visa Debit Card or A Master card. As these are not credit cards and thus does not require any bank credit score. Also no compulsion of having a bank account and maintaining it. Myvanillacard or Vanilla Gift Card is a Gift Card that can be bought by any US Citizen. – My Vanilla Cards and Its Benefits

My vanilla cards are simple and secured cards that allow its customers to have paperless transfers easily. My vanilla cards have its own portal to activate your card and thus makes the use hassle free. Benefits of my vanilla cards are as follows :
These cards are very simple, secured and reliable to manage your financial transactions.

  • My vanilla cards gives you a personalised portal for activating card thus making the process hassle free.
  • Customers can withdraw cash from cards at Walmart. (Note : There is fee differently charged for it)
  • Also it has its application and therefore its easy to maintain your money balance. And you have your transaction details on hand.
  • These cards are super easy to use and convenient for your daily basis events.
  • Funds can be transfered from one vanilla card to another.

Doesn’t this features of card want you to have one for your money transactions. But no card can be used before activation. The same is for these cards, so let’s look into the process of activating your my vanilla card. – How To Activate My Vanilla Card?

If you have to activate My Vanilla Card follow the three simple steps :

  • Apply for your my vanilla card.
  • Next, have your own Vanilla card account.

Activate your card either online or offline.

Lets see each of these process in detail: – Application For Your My Vanilla Card

  • Go to the official website of My Vanilla Cards i.e.
  • On the next interface, for registration, click on Get MyVanilla Card option.
  • Now, you’ll have to select the “MyVanillaCard” Visa or Master Card.
  • After choosing the desired card, when you are sure about it, click on Submit option.
  • In the next step you will be asked to complete your personal information like your first name, last name, zip code, etc.

After providing the details, create a pin and verify it.
Now, click on the Next button to complete the process. – How to register for My Vanilla Card account

  • Go to the official website of My Vanilla Cards i.e.
  • On the interface, click on Set Up Your Card.
  • Now, select the Yes or No option according to your preference and then enter your CVV number.
  • After providing the details, and you have made sure by checking, click on the Submit option.
  • Now, you will have to create a Username, password and provide your email address, first name, last name, and date of birth.
  • After providing the details a link will be sent to you on your to registered email address which you will need to verify your MyVanilla Card account.Activate your My Vanilla Card.
  • Go to the official website of My Vanilla Cards i.e.
  • Enter your Username and password created in the above step.
  • Next, click on Sign In button.
  • Once logged in click on activate button to activate your card.If you find this process a burden then you can also opt for offline activation. – Activate via phone

Call on the 855-686-9513 number and follow the instructions. – Conclusion

This was all about There may also be a case where you forget your username or password but no worry you can easily recover your details and receive them on registered email address. Hope this was useful. Thank you for reading!


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