Integrate Firebase Swift and Objective-C | Firebase Integration

Integrate Firebase in iOS

Firebase is a tool that monetise your app and its flow and many things in app so that you can put your all focus on users and giving them best services. With firebase, you can build a very high quality applications, increase your user base and also can increase income. Here we are going to learn about how to integrate firebase in our iOS application. … Read more

Calling API in Swift 4 with Alamofire 4.0 | Alamofire 4.0

Introduction on Calling API in Swift 4 and with Alamofire 4 Alamofire with its latest update adopted Swift4.0 and swift4 is new update in swift. Calling API (Application Program interface) in mobile is very common and in almost functional apps there is need of calling APIs and receive data from server or post data to server. There are many types HTTP methods while calling APIs … Read more

Xcode Simulator Shortcuts and Difference Between Simulator and Emulator

Xcode Simulator Shortcuts

Introduction Xcode is IDE (integrated development environment) for macOS which is developed by apple for developing macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. Xcode is an best and only development environment for building apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Xcode includes tools in it like Assistant Editor, Jump Bar, Interface Builder, Version Editor and Source Control, Testing, Simulators. Yes Simulator that which we are … Read more

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac – Shortcut or Terminal

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac: Finding things on a mac is a bit different in comparison to Windows Operating System. Windows is not that complex in terms of finding things. Finding Minecraft on windows is very known and easy to do but that same thing on the mac is a bit complex. How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac On mac for finding … Read more

Top iOS App Developer Interview Questions To Crack Interview

Top iOS App Developer Interview Questions

Top iOS Developer Interview Questions and how to prepare for interview in short time will be explained here in this post. Interview questions are always somehow related to basic concepts of that field in which interview are going on. iOS App Developer profile in companies demands basic level of knowledge that should poses by candidate. Top iOS Developer Interview Questions To Crack Interview Class Structure … Read more

Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service – How to Fix?

Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service – Introduction Section: If you are in mood of work and as we know working mood is quiet filled with seriousness and if someone or something disturbs you, then getting irritated is common thing. Concentration to that particular work get lost due to disturbance. This is exactly same thing, while using adobe product if you get popup that says “the … Read more – Activate Walmart Capital One Card Isn’t it exciting when the two respected and trusted companies tie up together to provide excellent services to their customers. Where on one hand Walmart is the sole solution to all your requirements from grocery to medical and furniture etc, Capital one, on the other hand, is one of the most trusted and has a large customer base for credit or debit cards. … Read more

Best L Shaped Gaming Desk 2022 – Gaming L Shaped Desk

Best L Shaped Gaming Desk

L Shaped Gaming Desk is far away better than old architecture desks. They are specially designed for people who love to make the best out of tech and use multiple monitors or want to make the best use of the space available in their area. It can hold multiple monitors and with CPU space and super solution for wiring issues. L Shaped Gaming Desk makes … Read more

Task Manager for Mac – How to Open the Task Manager on Mac


Task Manager for Mac: Most of the user’s of Mac are not the user that who are using mac as their first OS. Mostly of people come from Windows OS and on windows Task manager is life saviour. People who have used windows too much then they know what is the importance of Task Manager. Task Manager is application which show how much application are … Read more

Categories Mac – Activate Wells Fargo Credit Card Are you the one who has got a Wells Fargo Debit /Credit card. There is a large customer base but people are having difficulties in activating their cards. If you are one of them then you are on the right page. In this article, we will see all the possible ways to activate your card. But before learning activation keeps few things in mind. … Read more