Scan Website for Malware: Website Need the Security or Not?

Scan Website for Malware: One million new malware threats are released by the hackers’ every day. Hackers use it to steal your confidential and important data to disturb the business through malware. This technique is used since 1988, through the number of malware is growing and as of now, there is 1.7 billion malware.

Small and medium-sized organizations are one the largest targets of cyber-attacks. Don’t allow your company to suffer this damages as it may put your business at a huge loss. Be proactive in your website security to prevent security threats and protect your customer’s private data. A single identified infection can put your website blacklisted by Google. As Google blacklists more than 10000 websites each day.



Scan Website for Malware

Your website deserves a security solution as it works hard for you. Save your website from blacklisting with the help of online website malware scanner. In this article, I am going to list Important Website malware scanner websites which help to scan your website for malware.

1. SiteLock

The SiteLock website provides best scanning solution so that you will get powerful technology that continuously monitors your website for malware. It provides security without slowing down the speed of your website. You will get the automatic website malware removal, through cloud-based technology automatically finds and clean up malware from your website.

Important features of SiteLock

– Quick And Easy: Easy setup and the one solution that can detect the automatically removes malware and other infections.

– Maintain Your SEO Ranking: It makes sure to maintain your SEO ranking in the search engines. It also ensures that you are not suspended or blacklisted by your hosting provider.

– Comprehensive Protection: Large number of customer are using this website to scan their website from Malware. It is a guaranteed solution against the malware and infections.

2. Sucuri

Sucuri offers the professional malware clean up without any trouble. It provides the detection through security alerts, restores your website backup, stop future website hacks, speed up your website and remove website malware.

Important Features of Sucuri

– Easy To Use: No installation is required, it’s easy platform to set-up and compatible with any CMS.

– Latest Technology: Sucuri scanners works with the latest in fingerprinting technology allow you to determine that your web applications are out of date, blacklisted or exploited with malware. The scanner also monitor your DNS, certs, Whols and SSL records.

– Complete Satisfaction: In case you are not satisfied due to any reason, you can get your money back within 30 days. And the security team is always there to help you whenever you need any kind of help.

3. Quttera

Quttera malware scanner is cloud based application that scans a website and generates site scan web security report. This scanner investigates URLs and checks for suspicious scripts, malicious media and other threats hidden into authentic content and found on the website.

Important Features of Quttera

– Complete Analysis: The malware assessment will contain complete breakdown of all affected pages with the reason for detection by Quottera exploit detection engine.

– Further Investigation: Your request will be send to Quttera scanning for further investigation and as it will finish scanning website’s files the result will be presented to you.

– Threat Severity Assessment: In case it was identified that any unwanted actions could be performed with the visitor’s web browser during surfing in this web then such URL will be assigned appropriate threat level according to Quttera threat severity assessment.

4. Godaddy

Godaddy also finds malware and other infection on your website. Through this scanner you can manually remove threats and repair your website as many times until its 100% safe and clean.

– Boost Website Speed: It improve the loading time of your website by 50%. Godaddy Content Delivery Network stores your content on different serves across the globe so that it will close to your visitors.

– Blacklist Monitoring: In case Google finds that your site is infected and it will blacklist your site from its search engines. The Blacklisted monitoring will identify and resolves the issues to maintain you valuable traffic on your website.

– Advanced Security: It watches for the threats such as change notifications to our DNS, Whols, spam list, SSL and uptime monitoring.

Final Point: Scan Website for Malware

Before getting into some calculation, a malware scanner for your website you must check through its free version. So that you can ensure all the features of it. Scan Website for Malware

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