Snipping Tool for Mac Free Download – Take Screenshot on Mac

Snipping Tool for Mac Free Download: Snipping is a screen-capture application for Mac OS that captures the active windows or custom area. As the screenshots have become a great necessity especially when it comes to making tutorials, game records, troubleshooting etc. You can take the Screenshot on Windows by pressing the “PrtScn” button.

When it comes to Mac it’s the common query of the people that are there any snipping tools is available for Mac? Yes! If you are one of them and need to get the more details on snipping tool for Mac. The right place you visited, here I am going to mention some snipping tool for your Mac.


Snipping Tool for Mac Free Download

Let’s have a look on the shortcuts for snipping.

Print screen

Being a Mac user you need to use tricks, as you need to hold 3 key at a single point of time to get a screenshot. To print the screen on your Mac you need to Press COMMAND+SHIFT+3 simultaneously, to save that particular image of the screen to the desktop.

Part of screen

Press COMMAND+SHIFT+4 simultaneously to snip a specific area of the screen to the Mac. As you see the cursor changes to a cross +, drag a box around the section you want to copy and release the mouse.

Active Window screen

Press COMMAND+SHIFT4+Space for capturing the particular window.

Print Screen Copies

Press COMMAND+SHIFT 3+ Control to copy screenshots to the clipboard.

Snipping Tools for Mac – Take Screenshot on Mac

The snipping tools come with special features such as zoom, can focus on the small portion of the screen, crop and the basic effects. This tool is best to be used by the bloggers and computer experts.


Grab is a built-in snipping tool for Mac OS to capture a desktop screen. The grab is available in applications and utilities. You can enjoy the amazing features like capture screen after making a selection of active windows, timer option and drag option. Here you will find an interesting feature called Screen Mode it allows you to capture an image with the cursor.

You can get few third-party tools which are available for capturing a screenshot are mentioned below. You will get some snipping tools for mac free of cost whereas some have premium versions.


Lightshot is simple and fast snipping tool for your mac. With the use of Lightshot, you can take a fast screenshot at any selected area with just 2 clicks. A powerful editor is also available in this tool which helps in powerful editing. You can share the screenshot through short link after uploading it on the server. Lightshot is free.


Snagit is a powerful screen capture tool, you can also use for recording the screen. You can edit every screenshot with the customizable yet powerful editor. Snagit allows to convert the images into GIF images and delivers quality results with fewer efforts. It allows you to capture panoramic as well as full page screen mac shot. Available in free trial and premium version.


It is perfect snipping tool for your Mac with lots of awesome features. You can capture full screen, just a selected part or a selected windows with some clicks. You will also get snipping tools shortcut keys which are customizable. You can highlight the important details with arrows, shapes, pen and text. The blur tool of Monosnap is helpful to hide your private information. Monosnap is free.

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The above are the various tools which are helpful to snipping for your Mac. But before choosing any one of them you must check its latest features, customer reviews and details. This little exercise will save your valuable time and money. That’s all about the Snipping Tool for Mac Free Download.

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