Top iOS App Developer Interview Questions To Crack Interview

Top iOS Developer Interview Questions and how to prepare for interview in short time will be explained here in this post. Interview questions are always somehow related to basic concepts of that field in which interview are going on. iOS App Developer profile in companies demands basic level of knowledge that should poses by candidate.

Top iOS App Developer Interview Questions

Top iOS Developer Interview Questions To Crack Interview

  1. Class
  2. Structure
  3. Data
  4. Object
  5. Encapsulation
  6. Morphism
  7. Abstraction
  8. Inheritance
  9. Access modifiers (Public, Private, protected, No modifier)
  10. Push notification of different life cycle of app
  11. Calling one method of one view controller to another
  12. Parsing variable or data between two view controller
  13. NSNotification center
  14. Delegates
  15. [Super viewdidload] meaning of this line of code
  16. Singleton class
  17. Swap two variables without using third variable
  18. Overloading and overriding
  19. Atomic, non-atomic, strong, weak, retain
  20. Json vs xml
  21. Let vs guard
  22. Nsoperationqueue vs GCD
  23. Tuple
  24. Life cycle of App
  25. States of app
  26. UUID and UDID
  27. Device ID and App Id
  28. Enums or enumerations
  29. ABI
  30. Design Pattern
  31. MVC
  32. MVVM
  33. JSON/PLIST LImits
  34. Sqlite Limits
  35. Realm
  36. Swift advantage over Objective-C
  37. Difference between private and file-private
  38. Lazy Variables (Defination and Use)
  39. Static and Global Variables

Top iOS App Developer Interview Questions Asked in Interview

Almost all interviews in my experience start from the basics of iOS concepts. And this basics include above gives lists topics definition or definition with example or differences between two terminology.

Top iOS App Developer Questions based on logics

In interviews of iOS app developer profile which is obviously a programming skill so interviewer can also ask some time basic logic and programming type questions.

For example :- Write logic for reversing value of two variables without using third variable.
Means such type of questions can be asked in interview depends upon interviews thinking. Preparation of such question takes some good hands on mathematics and analytics skills of candidate.

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