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vsangelcard.com VSangel card stands for Victoria’s Secret Angel Cards. The name Victoria’s Secret itself has a different feeling to all the Women around the world. Now if you get to know that Victoria’s Secret gets you different offers, discounts and birthday month gifts wouldn’t you be excited? I am sure you must be. So if you are one of the regular customer of Victoria’s Secret then this is definitely a mind blowing news for you. VS Angel Cards are specially designed for Victoria’s loyal and regular customers. But people do not have complete knowledge of this card. If you are the one interested in this card by Victoria’s Secret then do read this article till the end. We will help you how you can login, also you will get to know about the benefits of such card.

vsangelcard.com – Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is an American based lingerie, clothing and beauty retailer. It is one of the largest retailer of lingerie in United States. Victoria’s Secret has been in apparel industry for more than 40 years now. The company has its headquarters at Columbus, Ohio,United States. Victoria’s Secret mainly has two division, 1. Victoria’s Secret lingerie and 2. Victoria’s Secret beauty. Though Victoria’s Secret is such a brand that does not even require any introduction amongst the Women.


vsangelcard.com – Victoria’s Secret Angel Card

VS angel credit card is one of the widely used cards in the retail stores. VS angel credit card may just sound like any other bank account card but has quite more features than that. Though the basics of the card are same about the payment of your bill but VS Angel Cards also help you earn points, avail different offers and get discounts. If you want to become the cardholder of VS Angel Card then you have to fill an application which will need approval. There are three different types of angel cards :

  1. Angel Card
  2. Angel VIP
  3. Angel Forever.

vsangelcard.com – Benefits of Victoria’s Secret Angel Card

  • This card gives you double benefits as it gives you an opportunity to earn discount as well as rewards on your purchases.
  • One of the most attractive features of the card is Buy now, Pay later.
  • It gives you free shipping on purchase of 50$ or above.
  • You get to avail to the sale before the sale starts.
  • Along with the above you also get birthday month surprise offers.
  • No annual fees is charged by the company for maintenance of Victoria’s Secret Angel Cards.

So if you are the one who badly needs this card, then here is how you can apply for the card.

vsangelcard.com – How to apply for Victoria’s Secret Angel Card?

  • Go to the official website of Victoria’s Secret.
  • On the website click on Apply.
  • Now you can select a design for your card.
  • In the next step you need to fill up the details and proceed further.
  • Once you have filled up your detail click on Continue button.
  • Now you need to wait for approval which you will get on your registered email address. Along with the card you get all the details and information about the card.
  • Keep calm as it will take 5-10 days after your submission of application.

Wasn’t this very easy. Yes Victoria’s Secret Card has kept it very simple for all its angel.

How you can pay for purchases made by Victoria’s Secret card?

As the main attraction of card is buy now pay later. You need to know how you can pay for shopping at Victoria’s Secret through vsangelcard. There are four ways of payment.

  1. You can pay online by visiting the official website of Victoria’s Secret.
  2. You can also pay your bills by mail at Victoria’s Secret Customer Service
    P.O. Box 659728
    San Antonio, TX 78265
  3. Pay your bills through the phone, call on 800-695-9478 this number and Victoria’s Secret is there to help you make payment.
  4. Also you can visit the nearest store and make payment.

VSangelcard.com – Conclusion

This was all about the VSangelcard. Saying that Victoria’s Secret name itself has different feeling for all the Women out there would not be wrong. VSangelcard are really very exciting to listen of and thus no matter what all women would want to grab one soon. Hope this article will help you to grab your card earliest and you shop your heart there. Thank you for reading.


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