How to fix “No Such Module” error of Xcode

No Such Module Error Xcode iOS

“No such module” using XcodeThis error is to show user that library or SDK which is added in your project is not getting linked properly. There is some issue so look into that linking issue and solve it. Error throw where that Library or SDK is imported. For example if i have imported AFNetworking SDK and it has linking errors that where i will import … Read more

Top iOS App Developer Interview Questions To Crack Interview

Top iOS App Developer Interview Questions

Top iOS Developer Interview Questions and how to prepare for interview in short time will be explained here in this post. Interview questions are always somehow related to basic concepts of that field in which interview are going on. iOS App Developer profile in companies demands basic level of knowledge that should poses by candidate. Top iOS Developer Interview Questions To Crack Interview Class Structure … Read more

How to integrate WKWebView (Swift & Objective-C)


Introduction on WKWebView: As Apple was giving warning for use of UIWebView after uploading build to store from atleast 2 years approx. Now finally apple started rejecting builds for using of UIWebView. As UIWebView is deprecated since almost last 2 years. But most of the developers are not migrated to new WKWebView because apple was accepting builds instead of deprecated UIWebView but now things are … Read more