React Native vs Native iOS | What to Choose?

React Native iOS

Reactive Native Vs Native iOS this question arises in every developer’s mind that which language and which environment should he prefer to develop his apps. Before going with their differences we will talk about what is react native and what is native iOS and also what is hybrid developer and what is native developer and after this you by yourself can decide what to choose … Read more

How to Share App from TestFlight – Quicklearn

Testflight Sharing iOS App

How to Share App from TestFlight: TestFlight was founded by Benjamin Satterfield and Trystan Kosmynka on Dec 23, 2010, and was designed and developed for testing apps mobile applications on Android and iOS devices. TestFlight is service that provide online platform service for over the air installation which help developers to test their mobile applications and also they can easily share their application to their … Read more