How to Learn Coredata with Swift5?

How to Learn Coredata with Swift5: CoreData is not database actually it is framework in which backend is MySQL database and coredata holds how to make queries and manage relation with database and coding and also it holds data graph as it is advantage over direct MySQL use.

How to Learn Coredata with Swift5?

Learning coredata is very easy it has just few steps and you will be familiar with this. Before moving to learn we should go through the benefits over direct MySQL use and why we prefer coredata over MySQL Database.

Coredata Vs MySQL

CoreData is using SQLite as it’s persistent store but the framework itself is not the database. CoreData is using MySQL as its backend. Coredata holds datagraph and which plus appoint over MySQL.

Learn CoreData Stack

Coredata stack is inside AppDelegate.swift has clear instruction in from comments yeah obviously they are short. This Coredata stack setup up the persistentContainer and save the data if there will be any change. As we know AppDelegate is first file that is being executed, we can save and fetch the data that we need in our app.

Learn Coredata Save, Fetch, Update and Delete

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