TX smiONE Card Login, Payments and Benefits Guide

TX SmiONE Card Login Guide The Texas payment card or smiONE Visa Prepaid card is one of the most convenient way to get your child support payments. It gives you an opportunity to use your child support payments without maintaining a bank account.

TX SmiONE Card

Once you enroll for the Texas smiONE card your child support payments received from the Child Support Division will be deposited in 1-2 days. This prepaid card or smiONE card can be used anywhere where visa card or debit card are accepted.
You can enroll for smiONE visa prepaid card either online or through the telephone.

TX SmiONE Card Login Guide

Benefits Of TX SmiONE Card

  • You can make all the payments for which card payment is allowed. There is no restriction on payment.
  • As the card is issued by The Bancorp Bank which is a member of FDIC, the card is insured by FDIC.
  • There is a 24 /7 customer support service available and hence the effortless transactions are possible.
  • This card is helpful for both online and offline transactions.
  • You can directly deposit money in the card from anywhere.
  • It does not require any bank account for maintenance of the card.
  • It helps you keep a check on your account through the mobile app hence saving your time.

How to Activate the TX SmiONE VISA PREPAID CARD

The very first thing to do after you have received the smiONE Prepaid card is to activate your card. The process for activation of card is very simple and as below

  • You first call on the number printed on your card and then kindly follow the guidelines as suggested.
  • Now you need to create a Unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) which can be used for login and also for making transactions through the card.
  • The card comes with no credit check and also you can add additional card holders.

How to Login for TX SmiONE Card Activation?

For using the services of smiONE prepaid visa card one need to firstly register themselves. If you are a new user and want to register then follow this process :

  • Go to the official website www.smionecard.com.
  • Click on the New User button on your interface.
  • You will now be directed to an interface with some basic information details.
  • Fill up the details, enter the last four digit of your card, zip code and the date of expiry from your card.
  • You will now be asked to set two security questions. Answer the questions you will always remember.
  • Now you are registered.

TX SmiONE Card Login Guide

Once you are registered how you can login. Follow the steps below

  • Visit the official website i.e. www.smionecard.com.
  • Then enter the four digits from your card and click on Activate Card or Access your Account.
  • Enter the User ID and password and click on the login button.
  • You can now access you account.

TX SmiONE Card Login Guide

Payment and Money Loading – TX SmiONE Card

SmiONE prepaid visa card is a visa endorsed card and thus can be used anywhere where visa is accepted. SmiONE has all equivalent features to a visa card and thus helps to pay for child support program. As SmiONE card is issued by Bancorp it is very reliable as it is insured by FDIC.

Where the payments are very secure and reliable the money loading in the smiONE card is also very convenient. Money can be either directly deposited by cash or can also be deposited through merchant.

Conclusion :

SmiONE prepaid visa card is the most convenient one from all the aspect. Enrolment, Registration, Payments and money loading all are simplified process for any smiONE card holder. The card is a real solution for your daily financial transactions. SmiONE also provides an app to have control of your accounts. The 24/7 customer support services are like cherry on the cake. Hope this article helped you out to have clear image of the SmiONE prepaid visa card.


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