– Shop Your Way Credit Card This is a website created for Shop Your Way cardholders with an aim to help its customers for easy and smooth activation of the card. Shop Your Way cards are specially designed for Sears and Kmart loyal customers. The motive behind this card is to retain and also entertain the customers by giving different offers and cashback options. – Shop Your Way Credit Card

So if you are a regular customer of Sears and Kmart then these cards are for you so grab your card soon. Sears and Kmart with the association of Citibank have created this card which is intended to reward its customers who make their regular purchases at this store. Along with the purchase at the store this card also allows you to have rewards on your basic expenses like expenses for gas and other routine purchase.

If you are the one who has got this card, then you can avail the rewards. But to avail of the rewards, you will first need to activate your card. So if you have any doubts about how to activate your card? What rewards and cashback you can earn? then you are on the right page. – Benefits of Shop Your Way cards

  1. The main benefits of these cards are that there is no annual fee. As this burden is reduced these cards are very easy on the pocket to use.
  2. You can get 5% Shop Your Way points on eligible purchases at a gas station. So for the one who spends a lot at a gas station, these cards are banged on!
  3. For the foodie people, your grocery and restaurant bills can get you 3% Shop Your Waypoints.
  4. Get 2% on the purchase at the store i.e. at Sears and Kmart.
  5. Also, you get a chance to have 1% Shop Your Way points on all other eligible purchases.
  6. If you spend 50$ or more on eligible purchases within 30 days of card activation you get a chance to earn 40$ statement credit.

Aren’t these offers and rewards interesting? I think you definitely will find them interesting. So let’s now further look into how you can activate your account so as to avail the above-mentioned benefits.

How to activate your Shop Your Way Card?

As to avail of the benefits of cashback offers, you will need to activate your card at first, we will help you how step-wise you can activate your card. Follow the below-given steps :

    1. Go to the official website
    2. In the next step you need to provide your details:
      • First, enter your card detail i.e card number.
      • In the next field you need to enter your name, please make sure to match with the one mentioned on the card.
      • Then you will have to enter the security code.
      • The last one to be filled up is the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
    3. Once done filling up details click on verify button to proceed further.

Once you are done with the process, your account will soon be activated notification for which will be given to you.

Activate Your Shop Your Way Cards via phone

Do you find the online process a little trouble to your head? No worries you can also activate your card through a phone call. All you need to do is call 1-877-816-9063 on this number. Once you make a call a representative from the other end will guide you to how you can activate your card. Follow the instructions and provide the details from your end. Once you are done providing the information it will take 2-3 hours to activate. Keep patience you will soon receive a notification.

Note: Please make sure you have your details on hand for a hassle-free process of activation. The same details as mentioned above for online activation will be required for phone activation too.


This was all about Shop Your Way Card. You can easily get yours as the requirement for such a card is very less. You must be 18 or above of age, and a legal resident of the United States. Shop Your Way Cardholders are charged differently for late payment, cash transfer fee, etc the details of which are available on the website. Please make sure you read the details before you make any transactions.

The payment for bills can be either done through mail or online. Hope this article helped you to have a clear image of your card activation and what benefits these cards give.

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